HACCP and Temperature Alert Solutions

Temperature control is critical to the quality of your product.

Temperature control is critical to the safety of your product.

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Remtrol Temp-Alert Solutions offer accurate, affordable, and remote measurement of temperature to help you produce safe food products, reduce onsite supervision, control costs-and reduce global warming. Remtrol Temp-Alert Solutions are easy to install with no complicated wires or electrical connections to your systems.


Redundant Intelligent Alarms

Our solutions monitor vital temperature functions and provide redundant intelligent alarms when critical failures occur. We also program alarms to avoid nuisance alerts, such as brief power failures. Alarms include onsite audible alerts and offsite remote web, pager, telephone, fax, PDA, and/or email notifications. Alarm conditions can activate escalated notification procedures based on the Critical Control Point.


Compliance with Government Regulations

Remtrol Temp-Alert Solutions monitor, track, and report on temperatures and emissions in compliance with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations for the food service industry. FDA HACCP guidelines state that refrigerated food temperatures must remain below 41 Fahrenheit at all times. Pasteurization processes are a function of time and temperature. The Remtrol Temp-Alert Solution can monitor temperature and flow to ensure both parameters are met.



Our solutions continuously track power on/off status and the duration of any power failures. A battery-powered backup system keeps monitoring and reporting on all the Critical Control Points until power is restored. To avoid nuisance alerts, you can define the power out duration that triggers an alarm.



In addition to monitoring and logging temperatures for FDA HACCP compliance, Remtrol Temp-Alert Solutions have multiple high and low alarms. Alarms trigger when temperatures get too high. Alarms can also trigger when the temperature gets too low to prevent produce from freezing. Alarms can be set on higher temperature processes to monitor disinfection and pasteurization.


Door Status

Temp-Alert Solutions ignore routine door open and close usage, but trigger alarms when a door is open too long. We include an onsite audible alarm that reminds people to close the door. This helps maintain inside temperatures-and reduce energy bills!


Compressor Performance

The compressor pumps refrigerant through the coils and evaporator, then fans blow cold air into the freezer. Remtrol Temp-Alert Solutions monitor compressor performance, including on/off status, line pressure, refrigerant emissions, and daily cycles. If a compressor runs too often, refrigerant may be low-or leaking. If a compressor runs continuously, the evaporator may be frozen over, blocking airflow. Our solutions help you track trends and do preventative or corrective maintenance.