Intrustion Alert Solutions

Ease your concerns about intruders or trespassers at your home, business, property, facility, or other remote location. Remtrol Intrusion Alert systems detect intruders or trespassers at remote sites and notify you right away by pager, cell phone, or PDA.      


Advanced Wireless Technology

Using advanced wireless technology, our solutions are easy to install with no complicated wiring or electrical connections. Using two different detection patterns, our wireless modem, the Macaw, with infrared motion sensors can monitor up to forty acres. Motion sensors involve wireless transmitters that can be placed up to 1,000 feet from the macaw data relay. Weatherproofed and solar or battery powered, Intrusion Alert solutions are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Simply hang the components on trees, walls, or fence posts and they are ready to go. Macaw Specifications

Motion Sensor     

Suggested Uses

Uses for our Intrusion Alert solutions are virtually unlimited--correctional facilities, power plants, water supplies, fields, homes, offices, boats, gas and oil pipelines, and more.

Hidden Motion Sensor     

Intrusion Alerts

When an intruder or trespasser trips a remote sensor, our system immediately contacts your pager, cell phone, or wireless PDA. For example:

"Remtrol detected an Intrusion Alert at Gopher Hill Ranch, North End at 11:32 PM."

Depending on individual pager or phone services, Intrusion Alerts reach you in a matter of seconds or minutes, so you can take swift action. Sensors can be set at heights and locations that avoid nuisance alerts caused by animal or plant movements. Our field test site has experienced NO false alarms. We can also program onsite audible alarms to discourage intruders and possibly prevent future incursions. You can turn any audible alarms on or off from your custom website.

Solar Powered     

Where Wireless Meets the Internet

Intrusion Alert Solutions include a custom website, which lets you monitor and control your remote location from anywhere that you can use your Internet browser. From your website, you can turn remote sensors off when people are working on location, and turn them on again when no one is supposed to be there. You can also test the system and get statistical analyses of intrusion alert patterns.