Remtrol's wireless modem, the Macaw, comes preprogrammed to your specifications and ready to install. We ship direct from the factory to you-usually within 24 hours. You get a complete system with no programming required, no software to buy, and no capital investment. There may be some costs to you for purchasing and installing your choice of monitoring sensors.

Easy As 1 2 3

Most units are up and running in a matter of minutes. When your Macaw arrives:
  1. Connect it to your equipment.
  2. Attach it to an exterior location for solar power or to an interior power supply. *
  3. Push the button on the bottom of the Macaw to begin immediate remote functions.
* Low voltage adapters available for inside locations.


The Macaw requires no onsite maintenance or adjustments. If you upgrade monitoring sensors, we simply reprogram your field units with wireless transmissions. There is no interruption of service.

Data Transmission

Remtrol uses a nationwide network to transmit and receive data. Within a matter of seconds, monitor and control signals travel to and from your remote site and a "virtual control panel" on your web browser. Urgent alarm or notification data can also be transmitted by email, pager, fax, or telephone.

Service Plans

Remtrol offers flexible service plans for any level of service. For information about Remtrol's short-term and long-term service contracts please contact us.


All Remtrol units are warranted against failure for as long as you subscribe to our service. Internal diagnostics constantly monitor the unit for connectivity, power supply, and processor reliability. At the first sign of impending failure, we ship you a replacement unit, which usually arrives before any interruption of service.