All Remtrol solutions include our wireless data relay, nationwide digital network, 24/7 data center, comprehensive service offerings-and a customized website that you control. We can help you protect your business, the public, and the environment. Overview


HACCP and Temperature Alert Solutions

Remtrol as a Third-party HACCP monitor offers a set of "outside eyes" to verify that the organization has an efficient and effective food and drink safety system. Successful implementation of a HACCP Program will help organizations discover and avert potential hazards from tainted food and drink. Remtrol can monitor and alarm on any temperature Critical Control Point.

As a Food Service Director, or Quality Assurance Manager you are concerned about producing or serving safe food, reducing spoilage costs, and complying with government regulations. Remtrol Temp-Alert Solutions monitor process temperatures, remote freezer temperature, door status, compressor performance, and power. Intelligent alarm systems notify you of critical failures that require immediate action. Ideal for schools, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, and other facilities that provide food services. HACCP and Temperature Alert Solutions


Supply Chain Management

Monitor and control the quantity of material used in bulk processing. In many cases this is a liquid or dry material in a tank. In general the container is at a remote location and may be hundreds or thousands of miles away from the data user. Users and suppliers alike share a common need to know the product will be available in adequate supply. When needed. Where needed. Manual checking of product levels can no longer be justified in an era of reengineering, dislocations and downsizing when telemetry technology offers a reliable, economical and practical alternative.


Hydrological Resources

Water data is needed to develop information about flow and level that can be used by a variety of individuals and agencies for the planning and management of diverse water-resources projects and programs including flood warning; flood assessment; reservoir operations; monitoring water-quality and setting water-quality standards; designing infrastructure such as bridges, culverts, and dams; evaluating the effects of changing land use; detecting long-term changes in climate; and administering compacts, decrees, and (or) treaties on interstate and international bodies of water. Hydrological Solutions


Intrusion Alert Solutions

Are you concerned about intruders or trespassers at your home, business, property, facility, or other remote location? Remtrol Intrusion Alert systems detect intruders or trespassers at remote sites and notify you right away by pager, cell phone, or PDA. Uses are virtually unlimited, including correctional facilities, power plants, water supplies, fields, homes, offices, boats, gas and oil pipelines, and more. Intrusion Alert Solutions


Solutions You Need

Remtrol can craft any solution you need for remote monitoring and control of almost any electrical interface. We have already developed solutions for Vineyards, Wells, Water Storage Tanks, Industrial Storage Tanks, and Fire Management.